Friday, February 03, 2023

Forever alone

An Auschwitz survivor Herschel Haft aka. Harry Haft is looking for his girlfriend who was also captured by the nazis. He thinks she doesn't know he's alive, doesn't know Harry lives in New York, but if his name is in the papers, she'd possibly read it. So Harry needs a fight, a good fight, to break the worldwide news. A match against Rocky Marciano would make good publicity. It ain't easy. Harry is a troubled and scarred soul. He boxed against the other jews in win-or-die fights in Auschwitz-Birkenau to survive himself and his past is haunting every second. Finding her lost love might bring at least little comfort. The Survivor, by Barry Levinson, is a heartfelt movie, an arresting story, but pacing of the piece too slow. 

The door that used to open inwards

English kind of bleak that is almost too real. A working glass family - a taxi driver dad, cashier dad and two children - getting by week in week out in a somewhat derelict London housing estate. It's trademark Mike Leigh alright. Excellently written, directed and performed.

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Shoveling cowshit in Tuscany

Interesting but hardly leaving a lasting remark. They say it's inspired by the true events that took place in the world famous fashion house and the dynasty known as Gucci. It all comes to a disappointing popcorn of endless chit-chat, little tax fraud and death. They also say that the performances are great, but they aren't really, but the actors, they are aplenty. Including Al Pacino, Salma Hayek, Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto and Jeremy Irons.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Shadow of vernal showers

Absolutely nothing new in the shark movie genre. Bunch of college idiots on jetskis just begging to be devoured by a great white shark. Done a thousand times already.

You don't beat this river

Deliverance, by John Boorman, is a whirlwind of suspense. City folk's canoeing trip going all to shit in the hillbilly territory. It's a timeless classic (from 1972) and the pain and misery almost uncomfortable to watch.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

The altar of bones

There's nothing better. Fauda is the greatest series right now. Easily. The news of hearing they're doing the season number four alone and now seeing it. Wow. Blown away. Almost literally.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Let the dreams be real

There's a serial child abductor and murderer nicknamed "The Grabber" at large! A sadistic fuck who kidnaps school children and locks them in the basement of his house. The dungeon has a defunct phone that gives real or imaginary comfort to the locked children. We are lead to believe there's former victims on the other end of the line! A chilling story (courtesy of Joe Hill), but the unexplained bits turn down the thrills a notch.

No-one deserves the impossible

A rodeo horse trainer OJ Haywood (Daniel Kaluuya) is on a UFO hunt! He needs to capture the perfect shot of the object, otherwise no-one believes him. With the help of his sister Emerald Haywood (Keke Palmer), tech salesman Angel Torres (Brandon Perea) and documentarian Antlers Holst (Michael Wincott) he's even going to shoot some proper video evidence. Nope, by Jordan Peele, is a creepy and strangle little thing, but oddly satisfying to watch.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Just a bullet away

Wrong Place, by Mike Burns, is yet another one of Bruce Willis's retirement plans. And again, it's one of those things. You know they are making it seriously, but oftentimes you think are they just fucking with you because it's just too shitty to be true. It's comical, looks like a crime parody, just a shit fucking movie where nothing makes sense.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Ignore the chaos, just keep dancing

Beaches aren't safe because the fucking sand sharks prey on people. The organizers of a beach party aren't too happy, but obviously they overlook the grave danger. Brooke Hogan, the daughter of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, as the scientist Sandy Powers investigating the great beasts. I've Snow Sharks aka. Avalanche Sharks lined up, I've heard it's even worse.

Man bites man

People are slicing up specimens to understand the concept of a zombie. They are hunting these freaks down for information. Maybe they can be domesticated. It's their only hope because zombies are ruling the earth and humans have to live in bunkers. And they are losing their shit, so the research must pay off. George A. Romero's finest movie of the undead.

Forever alone

An Auschwitz survivor Herschel Haft aka. Harry Haft is looking for his girlfriend who was also captured by the nazis. He thinks she doesn&...